It is a condition in which muscles around entrance to vagina go into spasm, making intercourse, vaginal examination, spasm may be accompanied backache and pain in thighs.

Proper investigation should be carried out to rule out any physical problems.

Homeopathy, with its holistic approach, heals not only the sexual ailment, but also helps the person in achieving the emotional, interpersonal and spiritual well-being. This is essential in building up of the healthy individual, healthy couple, healthy family & healthy society in the sphere of sexual health.symptoms which can be cured by homoeopathy are –

  1. Extreme sensitivity of vulva and vagina, constipation.
  2. Extreme sensitivity of vulva and vagina, made worse by sitting, irritable bladder.
  3. Where spasms are a hysterical reaction to grief or a broken love affair.
  4. Vagina feels burning hot and as heavy as lead, sensation made more unpleasant by slightest jarring.
  5. Extreme sensitivity of vulva accompanied by pleasurable itching, general restlessness and insomnia, attention-seeking behavior.
  6. Painful periods, copious early flow of dark blood which ceases on lying down, heart condition.
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