Terms and Condition

1. Dr. Shyamji Rai is a qualified Homeopath and Counselor (certificates are attached in website). He is registered as Homeopathic Medical Practitioner in Mumbai in India.

2. All conditions treated by Dr. Shyamji Rai will be done with care and dedication to optimal treatment and will be held in the strictest confidentiality subject to Photograph of children undert age 10 years can used in medical journal or medical literatures without permission of the patient or of his/her parents. (Unless discloser is required by Law).

3. Use of the Homeopathic Treatment Online site is entirely at the risk of the client. Medicine will be sent directly to all clients via speed post. Loss or damage to medicine received is not the responsibility of Dr. Shyamji Rai.

4. It is never suggested that any person use homeopathy exclusively or that it is a replacement for standard physician care. Please do not hesitate to seek out other medical professionals for opinions on health status. It is never advisable to suspend personal physician care while being treated homeopathically and it is encouraged that all participants being treated by Dr. Shyamji Rai disclose the same to their doctors.

5. Dr. Shyamji Rai does not accept responsibility for problems arising from improper taking of meds, improper delivery of meds or the quality of meds purchased by the client.  Any problems arising from taking homeopathic and supplements advised by him with other conventional medications you are currently taking are not the responsibility of Dr. Shyamji Rai.  Please adhere exactly to the prescribed regime and disclose all other meds being taken.

6. The information in the Homeopathic Treatment Online website and the content of any personal messages either sent or received is for the personal use of the participating client only.

7. From time to time the content of the website may be changed without notice at the discretion of Dr. Shyamji Rai.

8. Dr. Shyamji Rai cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to the content of the site or to the emails sent and received in communication.

9. There can be some unforeseen risks to any new treatment regime.  Dr. Shyamji Rai does not accept responsibility for any adverse effects due to Homeopathic treatment. The main tenant of Homeopathy is that it is a safe and gentle form of treatment. Any incorrect use of the treatment advice due to misunderstanding or purchase of incorrect remedies is not the responsibility of Dr. Shyamji Rai. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding and during treatment.

10. Each time you enter the Homeopathic Treatment Online site, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this site. These terms and conditions may be modified at the discretion of Dr. Shyamji Rai.

11. The legal statement and the disclaimers and exclusions contained within it shall be governed in accordance with Indian law and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts inIndia.

12. If you have any suggestions regarding the Homeopathic Treatment Online website, these would be appreciated. Please contact Dr. Shyamji Rai.

13. By acknowledging acceptance of the former Terms & Conditions of treatment, each participant assumes his/her own risk and agrees to honor these Terms & Conditions.


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