All men want to have longer sex; it makes them feel good and gives a great deal of self confidence. But due to certain emotions, thoughts and perceptions man suffers from premature ejaculation.

‘Premature’ ejaculation can be defined as the release of the  ejaculate from the penis either before intercourse can take  place, or quickly after it starts, usually within less than 15  “thrusts.”

Premature ejaculation is common at beginning of many relationships but after sometime as trust and affection develops  this problem goes ,but if it continues for long becomes most common causes for relationship stress and break-ups, cheating and low self esteem.

Factors responsible are

  • Stress, anxiety.
  • Lack of concern for partner’s satisfaction, and perhaps ignorance of female sexual response.
  • Ignorance of techniques for delaying orgasm. Infection in the prostate gland known as prostatitis.
  • Use of certain medications etc.

Various methods of controlling it.

  • Masturbate 1 to 2 hours before  intercourse.
  • Use condom to reduce sensitivity.
  • Try different types of sexual positions.
  • As a last resort, try anaesthetic ointments or creams.
  • Certain muscles in your pelvic region that is responsible for controlling the ejaculation process. This is crucial to gaining control over the ejaculatory reflex. This is achieved by doing specific techniques such as –

a. Kegels exercise – tightening and drawing in and up around both your anus and urethra lift up inside and try to hold this contraction strongly for as long as you can  do it many times.

b. Breathing exercise – Take deep and slow breaths.  This will help your system to slow down, and thus making you last longer in bed.

c. Squeeze technique – Whenever you are on the verge of ejaculation, let your partner squeeze the tip of your penis.

Homeopathic symptoms and medicine

Approaching patient as a complete individual and not treating just the sexual problem is the specialty of homeopathic therapeutic science. This is very significant for the patients with sexual problems, because, behind every sexual dysfunction there is a disordered sexuality; behind every disordered sexuality there is imbalanced personality; and, behind every imbalanced personality there is a disturbed person with discord & dissatisfaction in his/her relationship.

Homeopathy, with its holistic approach, heals not only the sexual ailment, but also helps the person in achieving the emotional, interpersonal and spiritual well-being. This is essential in building up of the healthy individual, healthy couple, healthy family & healthy society in the sphere of sexual health.Homeopathic remedies are prescribed by symptoms rather than conditions, as each case of a particular illness can manifest differently in different people. There are many symptoms which can be effectively treated by homoeopathy ­­­­­few symptoms are given below.If your symptoms are matching to any of the symptoms given below, it can be cured mail the disease and symptom number at to know your medicine.

1. Problems with impotence develop after a man has led a life of   intense and frequent sexual activity for many years. A cold sensation felt in the genitals he is often very anxious about their health and loss of abilities, and may have problems with memory and concentration.

2. Erection fails when sexual intercourse is attempted, especially if thinking about the problem makes it worse. He is nervous and imaginative and usually warm-blooded, with cravings for both sweets and salt.

3. Genitals are completely limp, despite having sexual interest. Nocturnal emissions can occur without an erection, even if dreams are not sex-related. Craves tobacco.

4. Physical pleasure during sex has diminished and sexual urges are reduced. The person feels tired and weak, and may   experience memory loss, with a compulsive need to check things (to see that doors are locked, etc.) Prostate problems may be associated with impotence, and urine may be lost when the person coughs or sneezes.

5. Problems with erections because of worry, and can also be troubled by memory loss. They often lack self-confidence, have digestive problems with gas and bloating, and an energy slump in the late afternoon and evening. Often useful for old people.

6. Men who have diminished sexual ability, especially if the problem starts after a fever or exhausting illness. The person feels weak and exhausted, but interest is usually still present. Unusual hair-loss (body hair or eyebrows)

7. Gentle-natured, quiet men with deep emotions. Problems with impotence often occur from embarrassment or shyness. History of emotional suppression and very sensitive feelings..

8. Enlarged prostate gland. Genitals flabby. Testicles hardened. Premature ejaculation. Diminished sexual desire.  Mentally weak. Lack of self confidence. Easily influenced,not able to take decision.

9. Impotence from sexual abuse or from excessive sexual indulgence. Premature ejaculation. Thinks often of life after death, Fear of high places, insanity. Obstinate. Feels worse in cold, wet weather and from exertion. Obese patient.

10. Impotence. Swelling of testicles and spermatic cord. Weakness from Loss of vital fluids. Insomnia from sexual fantasies. Irritable and touchy. anemia Flatulent colic.

11. Bad effects of suppressed sexual desire. Feeble erections. dribbling of prostatic fluid. Sexual desire increased but sexual power decreased.  Seminal emission at mere presence of a woman. Dejection after sex. Sexual desire without erections. Premature ejaculation, even during foreplay.

12. excessive sexual desire(Nymphomania). Masturbation. Impotence. Weakness after emission. Better at seaside, in the evening and at night.

13. Strong sexual desire. Rectal spasm during orgasm. Bad effects of sexual excesses. premature ejaculation, Ambitious ,involuntary emission while in company of female, Irritable. Worse early morning cold air. Can not tolerate contradiction. Frequent urgings for stool. Fatigue from overwork.

14. Irresistible sexual desire but impotent. Involuntary emissions Lascivious, strips off clothes. Sexual mania. Feeble erections or no erections. Fears about the future. Fears thunderstorms. Excitable. Impressionable. Wants sympathy. Oversensitive to external impressions. Gullible. Clairvoyant. Craves cold, iced drinks, salt, chocolates.

15. lack of sexual desire with  indifferent to everything. Hates company. Likes to be alone. Mental dullness. Indifferent to family.

16 .Backache and weakness after sex with sadness and irritability. Penis cold. Hot patient.  early morning diarrhea.

17. Loss of sex drive or aversion to sex, premature ejaculation or no ejaculation, especially if Herpes is diagnosed.

18. Painful ejaculation.

19. Spontaneous ejaculation during sleep (wet dreams).

20. Problem begins after injury to penis.

21. Problem begins after injury to spine.

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