Homoeopathy and backache

Homoeopathy and back pain
Homeopathy can offer safe and effective pain relief for many kinds of backaches. Because homeopathic medicines need to be individually prescribed to the unique pattern of symptoms that sick people experience. few of these symptoms which can be cured by homoeopathic medicine are as follows

1. Early stage of Backache, with inflammation and pain. Stiff neck. Rheumatic pain in shoulder; pains extend to chest and wrist. Palms hot, Hands swollen and painful.

2. Sharp pain with numbness and stiffness comes suddenly. Worse by exposure to dry, cold winds. Stiffness in nape of neck.

3. Pain immediately after injury or overstrain as if beaten. Great fear of being touched or approached. Everything on which  lies seems too hard.
Cannot walk erect, on account of bruised pain in back.

4. Lower back feels stiff and bruised, worse from damp, cold weather, while at rest and in bed. Feels as if must move to get comfort, but only relieves for a while. The cold fresh air is not tolerated; it makes the skin painful.

5. Backache relieved by lying on something hard, with pain as if bruised from prolonged stooping. Pain in back, with desire for some firm support. Arms and legs, especially knees, feel weak. Cracking in joints on motion.

6. Stitches and stiffness in small of back. From hard water and sudden changes of weather. Pain made worse by the slightest movement, better from pressure and lying on the affected part.

7. Stiffness and pain worse on the approach of storms. Worse, at rest and in stormy weather. Stiffness of neck. Pains in bones in spots, and reappear by change of weather. Cannot sleep unless legs are crossed.

8. Old backache worse on beginning to move, and better by  continued motion. Backache following a strain. Pain lower part of back, with burning.

9. Pain in the very low back (the sacral or sacroiliac areas) that feels worse when standing up from a sitting position, and worse from stooping, also have a tendency toward venous congestion and hemorrhoids

10. Back pain is worse from even the slightest motion. Changing position, coughing, turning, or walking may bring on sharp, excruciating pain.  Back pain after injury and backaches during illness.

11. Low back pain and muscle weakness, especially in a person who is chilly, flabby or overweight, and easily tired by exertion. Chronic low back pain and muscle weakness may lead to inflammation and soreness that are worse by dampness and cold.

12. Stiffness and soreness of the spinal muscles and joints, especially in the neck and upper back, the person feels worse from drafts and cold, as well as from exertion. Aching in the bones and feelings of weariness and dissatisfaction.

13. Severe aching and stiffness in the upper back and neck, as well as the lower back—with pains that extend down the thighs or across the hips. Back pain during menstrual periods, with cramping, heaviness, and soreness. A person who needs this remedy typically is talkative and energetic, becoming agitated or depressed when ill.

14. Back pain sets in during cold damp weather, along with catching a cold, or after getting wet and chilled. Stiffness and chills can be felt in the back, and pain is usually worse from stooping.

15. Back pains related to emotional upsets—especially grief. The muscles of the lower back may spasm, and twitches, drawing pains, and cramps often occur in other areas.

16. Low back pain drives the person out of bed at night, making it necessary to get up to be able to turn over. Pain is usually worse on the right side of the lower back, worse around the menstrual period and worse by sitting and by walking. Pressure on the area often brings relief.

17. Back pain that improves from lying on something hard or pressing a hard object (such as a block or book) against the painful area. The person often seems reserved or formal, but has strong emotions that are kept from others. Back pain from suppressed emotions, especially hurt or anger.

18. Muscle cramps or constricting pains in the back. Discomfort is made worse by cold and relieved by warmth. Pain usually is worse night, and the person may have to sit up in bed to turn over. Backache is also worse during constipation, and the pain is worse when the person feels the urge to move the bowels.

19. Pain in the neck and shoulders as well as the lower back, when the pain is worse on initial movement and improves with continued motion. Even though in pain, the person finds it hard to lie down or stay still for very long, and often restlessly paces about. Aching and stiffness are aggravated in cold damp weather and relieved by warm applications, baths or showers, and massage.

20. Tremendous stiffness is felt in the muscles or joints, especially after sprains or twisting injuries. The person feels lame and sore, and experiences relief from lying down.

21. Back pain has a slouching posture. The back is weak and the person feels much worse from standing up for any length of time. Pain is also worse from stooping. Warmth may aggravate the pain and inflammation.

22. Pain radiating up spine and down limbs, worse by cold and better by rubbing.

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