ASSOCHAM survey on corporate health

Lifestyle disorder in corporate employees

unhappyworker_0As per survey conducted by ASSOCHAM on the occasion of `World Health Day`

– Due to demanding schedules and high stress levels, nearly 78% of the corporate employees sleep less than 6 hours on a daily basis which leads to sleep disorders amongst them. it also shows that women experience more sleep problems than men. More than half of women said they frequently experience a sleep problem.

– 36 per cent of the sample population is also suffering from obesity. It is found that obesity alone can modify occupational morbidity, mortality and injury risks that can further affect workplace absence, disability, productivity and healthcare costs.

– Depression is the third disease observed among the respondents, with 21%  of the sample corporate employees suffering from it.

– High blood pressure (BP) and diabetes are the fourth and fifth largest disease with a share of 12 per cent and 8 per cent respectively as suffered among the corporate employees.

– Spondylosis (5.5%), heart disease (4%), cervical (3.0%), asthma (2.5 %), slip disc (2%) and arthritis (1%) are the diseases that are mostly suffered by corporate employees.

While releasing the ASSOCHAM survey it’s Secretary General, D S Rawat said, that taking up corporate wellness program improves chronic and lifestyle diseases of India Inc. This will add to country’s national income up to USD 17.74 billion in 2014-15 through a reduction in absenteeism rate by 1.00 percent. A workplace wellness program reduces absenteeism, controls/reduces escalating health care costs, improves productivity, increases employee loyalty and reduces attrition rate.


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