Frustration in woman

21st century women are inherently independent, often with an  artistic, creative or bohemian flair. She is an intuitive  individual, with an implicit knowledge of her strengths and  much self-awareness. She does what she likes on her own terms.

Unfortunately Traditional marriage and/or parenting roles are stifling to creative woman, and her needs often go unmet. Though they may be engaged in both activities simultaneously, she may try to please him by becoming the perfect wife who has a successful career, while running her household and caring for her children. The effort of all this can become too much for her that she may become worn-out, tired, irritable sad, indifferent, and withdraw into herself (or wish that she could).

As time passes she becomes indifferent to the people they love, and have a lot of anger or aversion to their spouse. These feelings often come to the fore right before the period is due.

Now she is beyond any attempts at diplomacy, and her words can be harsh and direct-hitting. She feels her family is nothing but burden. She keeps on feeding her family but without any affection. She does not want to wake up in the morning but she gets up against her desire.

She has no interest in anything, music, neighborhood, her family etc. No sex desire, Sex with the spouse seems like rape against her wish. She feels sick after sex; she even sees dreams of rape. She does not want her husband around her and also she can’t stay alone.

She may look hard or uninterested, but inside she is vulnerable with various symptoms such as-

Psychological symptoms

– Plagued by fears of poverty or insanity.

– Aversion to business (Indolent)

– Fears her position in the society

– Undertakes things opposed to her intentions

– Does not want to wake up in the morning.

– Anxiety in the morning (She is miserable)

– Desires death

– Thinks that she is unfortunate.

– Hopeless

– She thinks her ailments will kill her slowly and miserably.

– Aversion to opposite sex.

Physical symptoms

– Hair loss

– Slow Digestion

– Urinary problems

– Constipation

– Back-pain

– Headaches

– Allergies

– Hemorrhoids

– Varicose veins

Suffering becomes worse by cold air, missing regular meals, from intercourse, during pregnancy, before menses, change of weather and before storms.

Finally Doctor comes in picture

She murmurs “Doctor, is this life. Death is better then this. I want to die but I can’t even afford to die.”

After a lot of investigation Doctor finds nothing, eventually referred to psychologist and treated as psychic patient.

At last her life as well her career was spoiled just because no one including her husband, parents, children’s and even her doctor understood  her feelings.

Fortunately In homeopathy we have many medicines which have cured such cases without any side effect.

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