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ECZEMA Eczema is a recurring skin condition which makes the skin ¬†extremely dry and itchy. This could cause immense amount of ¬†irritation and discomfort to the person suffering from eczema. ¬†Certain symptoms of eczema includes drying and itching in skin, … Continue reading

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LOSS OF APPETITE The appetite is the desire to eat food, felt as hunger. Appetite is regulated by a close interplay between the digestive tract, adipose tissue and the brain. Decreased desire to eat is termed anorexia, while polyphagia (or … Continue reading

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Vaginismus It is a condition in which muscles around entrance to vagina go into spasm, making intercourse, vaginal examination, spasm may be accompanied backache and pain in thighs. Proper investigation should be carried out to rule out any physical problems. … Continue reading

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