Burning Feet

Many people are suffering from burning feet. There are a number of factors that can contribute to  burning feet. Burning feet may be the source of much  discomfort and even keep people awake at night. It is more  common in middle aged adults but can occur in all age groups. Many afflicted with diabetes are susceptible to burning feet a result of neuropathy that develops. A burning foot may be treatable with conservative therapies or may indicate a more pathological problem. Some sources of burning feet may be.

  • Blood disorders such as erythromelalgia can lead to burning feet.
  • A burning foot may be a result of excess weight bearing.
  • Neuropathy from diabetes may be a source.
  • A localized burning sensation may be a symptom of other medical disorders. It may indicate an infection, Morton’s Syndrome or another problem.
  • Other environmental stimuli and nutrition may be a cause. Physicians could look for vitamin deficiencies, chronic alcohol abuse and lead or other metal poisoning.
  • There are some nerve entrapment problems such as tarsal tunnel syndrome that can squeeze the nerves around the ankle and disrupt circulation, leading to a burning sensation in the feet.
  • Burning feet could be due to an allergic reaction or over-sensitivity to chemicals in your socks or shoes. This reaction is known as contact dermatitis.
  • Trauma to the foot following injury or surgery can lead to a burning sensation in the feet. These disorders are often labeled complex regional pain syndrome or reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

The first steps towards treatment involve discovering the source of the problem, and ruling out a more serious medical problem as a cause. Once the source has been discovered, there are a number of treatment options including:

  • Stability. Finding well fitted foot ware to stabilize the foot.
  • Bath both your feet daily in cool water and clean them thoroughly afterwards.
  • Do not stand in one place for too long.
  • Wear cotton socks rather than artificial synthetic fabrics.
  • Try to keep your feet cool and dry.
  • Creams like The Little Ugly Bottle provide cooling properties that can relieve some of the symptoms of burning feet.
  • Magnets have been shown to provide some relief in burning feet symptoms.
  • Extra cushioning or padding in the insoles may provide some relief when standing or walking.
  • If a vitamin deficiency is the cause of burning feet, take the necessary supplements daily or weekly.

Burning feet can be treated permanently by homoeopathy. Homeopathic remedies are prescribed by symptoms rather than conditions, as each case of a particular illness can manifest differently in different people. There are many symptoms which can be effectively treated by homoeopathy ­­­­­few symptoms are given below.

1. Sensation of burning and yet the skin feels cool to the touch. There burning sensations of the feet and legs with swelling and itching. In spite of the burning sensations of the skin this sufferer dislikes anything cold – even drinking water must be room temperature.

2. Peculiar symptoms of stinging, hot, swollen toes with cold feet, where the sufferer cannot stand heat, touch or pressure (as of a tight shoe) in any form. You definitely wouldn’t want to itch these feet as it would cause intolerable pain.

3. Excessive perspiration especially of the head, neck and chest which is worse at night. They may have burning of the soles of the feet, which become very sweaty and then feel very cold and clammy. Sluggish metabolism with easy weight gain especially around the abdomen; suffers from digestion disorders such as a hernia and reflux and often prefers starchy, plain foods. This person often has excessive perspiration and is cold and clammy.

4. Burning of the soles which occurs mostly at night, accompanied by nightly loss of power in the feet which the suffer notices as he steps out of bed. Possibly accompanied by symptoms of great thirst and irritability and  excessive heat and numbness in other areas of the body.

5. The unusual symptom where the right foot feels hot and the left feels cold .Other symptoms may also include numbness (limbs go to sleep) of the feet, pain in the heels (which feels like the sufferer is standing on a stone or pebble) and possibly symptoms of gout, urinary and digestive disorders. Symptoms are always worse for rest or at night and from 4 – 8pm.

6. Feet icy cold in the daytime which burn at night. The skin is hot to touch and may be accompanied by itching skin, especially of the ankles. indigestion and reflux, rheumatic or arthritic aches and pains in the knees, wrists and finger joints and hamstrings with a cracking noise from the joints..

7. Burning of the soles, swelling of the feet, itching between the toes which are always worse in damp, humid weather. Often accompanied by the ongoing problem of water retention which is especially noticeable in the extremities. Also helpful for symptoms of gout.

8. Hot, burning feet that are especially bad after walking some distance. Likes to keep the feet cool and sticks them out of the bed – symptoms may be accompanied by a drawing pain in the thighs and legs with a feeling of restlessness and boring pain in the heels. Sufferer loves to walk barefoot on a cold floor.

9. Intense itchy and burning skin rash which always feels worse for any cold or cold application and better for warmth.

10. Toes and soles of the feet feel are burning and itching and are hot to touch and feel worse for any kind of heat i.e. heat of the bed, hot bath, etc. including redness and burning of the cheeks, eyes, ears, scalded sensation in the throat, burning in the stomach, and where there is a hectic flush or sensation of hot water being poured over the body. Problem after menopause.

11. Excessive heat, burning and itching – scratching seems to make matters worse. The skin is red and feels hot to the touch. likes to have his feet uncovered and sticks them out of the bed for relief. Particularly helpful for burning soles. Symptoms are always aggravated by heat and water i.e. washing or bathing.

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