Anxiety is a general term for several disorders that cause nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worrying. Most common symptom of this disorder is being bothered all the time because of small things, big things or even nothing. Now, one must be wondering why anyone would be bothered about nothing. Well, the answer to this is the fact that gradually this disorder becomes a part of your personality. You become so habitual of being worried that you get anxious at even those thing which are none of your business and thing that are too silly to be worried about  The important symptoms are –

• Low confidence- you hardly feel yourself capable of doing anything.
• Reduced energy level
• Feeling dizzy
• Getting tiered soon- You lose all your stamina of working.
• Being pessimistic
• Getting irritated without any reason
• Headache- One can have frequent headaches.
• Feeling sleepy all the time
• Being in bad mood all the time. Staying angry and impatient is also a part of it.
• Feeling depersonalized- Feeling as if you are not a part of what is going on. In short feeling ignored.
• Staying depressed.
• Swinging of mood.
• You stop being emotional to things, you should be. You start getting blunt.
• You start feeling guilty of things which are absolutely right.
• Everything starts scaring you and you stay frightened all the time.
• You may also feel like crying without any specific reason.
• Sometimes you may also feel as if you aren’t living. You may also feel that all what happening around you is some dream.
Being Worried Constantly Can Be Life Taking!
If you feel you’re experiencing any of these, then you might be having anxiety disorder. Dare not to ignore these, as they can devastate your life.
As a way out of these, I’d suggest you that along the homoeopathic medicine plan your days, keeping in mind that you get enough time to relax and have fun. I’d also suggest sharing your feelings with your loved ones. This will balance your life.

Homeopathic symptoms and medicine

The speed of action, safety and lack of interaction with drugs have made homeopathic medicine as a popular mean of dealing with many issues. Mental and emotional stress and anxiety are very common conditions; scientific studies have confirmed that homoeopathy is an effective means of treating these disorders
Homeopathic remedies are prescribed by symptoms rather than conditions, as each case of a particular illness can manifest differently in different people. There are many symptoms which can be effectively treated by homoeopathy ­­­­­few symptoms are given below.If your symptoms are matching to any of the symptoms given below, it can be cured mail the disease and symptom number at to know your medicine.

1). Anxiety after Shock, Patient experience sudden and intense panic attacks after a severe shock, injury, or fever. Cold winds aggravate this condition and may even trigger it. The person has a strong fear of death, perhaps even predicting the time of death. Other fears include crowds and losing control. The anxiety is more severe around midnight.

2). Anxiety with Anticipation and dread around exams, events, bad news, failure and being tardy. The fear of failure could be so bad that the person stops trying to succeed. The anxiety decreases around people and from talking. It is worse from sweet foods and warm rooms. Open air and motion help the anxiety. Physical symptoms include belching, diarrhea and trembling.

3).Paranoid anxiety, constant worries over health, death, being robbed and family well-being. Patients are very restless and suspicious of others. They rely heavily on their families and friends for support and reassurance, maybe even joining a religious group for security. They want to control their environments so that nothing goes wrong, by maintaining cleanliness and order. The anxiety is worse when alone and after midnight, and better with warmth and keeping busy.

4). Anxiety over the Future, exhausted with overworking because they are worried about the future. Patients do not want to face poverty and are scared that something bad will happen regarding their health. For example, the remedy state fears heart disease, cancer, infections in general, and insanity. On top of these anxieties, worries that recovery is always out of reach. The anxiety is worse in cold and damp environments, after exercise, and before menses.

5). Stage Fright that is mainly anxious over public appearances such as presentations and performances. The person may feel paralyzed, dull, dizzy, and uncoordinated before the public appearance. Other anxieties include open spaces, new situations, and exams. This state is made worse after bad news.

6). Anxiety accompanied by vomiting diarrhea and extreme prostration. worse in open air and early morning better around other people and animal.

7). Anxiety when walking. Anxiety is accompanied by violent language, absent minded
With poor memory and nervous exhaustion from over study. symptoms are improved by eating and becomes worse by hot.

8).Stress and anxiety related to fear of disease, particularly heart disease worse from cold drink cold food and cold air.

9). Performance related fear e.g. fear of examination. Anxiety about health career and future, symptoms are often worse in mid afternoon and early evening, and from heat. Better from motion from warm drink and food.

10).Anxiety after grief and is associated with alternating mood, sighing and great sensitivity. Worse by coffee and open air, better by eating.

11).Anxiety and depression, with mental weakness apathy and indifference often as a result of grief or disappointment in love the condition improves with warmth and worse by exertion.

12). Anxiety worse when alone in dark, Fear of loud noises thunder and fireworks. Fear that something bad is going to happen worse from physical and mental exertion better after sleep eating, cold food and cold open air.

13). Anxiety with weeping sadness and changeable mood worse from warm room ,rich food ,and rest better in cold open air and after good cry.

14).Stressed and anxious about the noise ,imminent events and trivial things sensitive to all impression .lack of self confidence worse from cold air and drafts better from warmth.

15). Anxiety from grief suppressed anger or suppressed emotion .prone to weeping, depression and, low self esteem. .becomes violent when angry worse from cold drink and touch better from warmth, rest and breakfast

16). Anxiety characterized by fear of death water and darkness with extreme violence
Symptoms are worse during sleep. Better from warmth and company.

17). Aurum met
Anxiety leads to severe depression often to the point of suicide And often outburst of anger Relived by music and worse by cold weather .depressive conditions are predominant in autumn and winter.

18). Stress sensitivity and restlessness with great irritability worse in warm and mid morning.

19). Anxiety leading to severe depression in those of fastidious nature anxiety becomes worse after consolation. Better in open air and cold bathing.

20). Extreme irritability and fear of death by things such as cancer associated with stress symptoms are worse by hot weather and improved by traveling in car.

21). Anxiety with extreme anger frustration irritability in those who are fastidious or compulsive nature intolerant to loud noise symptoms are worse in morning worse from mental exertion and better while rest.

22). Anxiety accompanied by great restlessness of mind drinking coffee or consuming stimulants often worsen the condition, the symptoms improved by warmth and lying down.

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